November 6, 2007


Schilling. RedSox. 2008. Done.Deal.

I'm thrilled. Thank you for listening to all our comments, Curt!

And a big shout out to Youk for winning his first (of many?) Gold Glove!

October 31, 2007

Free Agency

And so it goes, Curt Schilling has filed for free agency. He seems rather pessimistic about the chances the Sox will re-sign him, and I can't say he's wrong to feel that way. This front office doesn't make decisions based on emotion, and I'm not sure they believe that he earned another year at $13 million, despite his post-season performance. I'm sure they are concerned about how his 41-year-old body will take another seaons. Add in all of the young arms clogging the Sox, and the legitimate question becomes where is the place for an aging hero, with an intense work ethic, and a huge heart?

I hope the parties can find some middle ground. Schilling seems stuck on a number, but seriously, Curt, if you're happy here, and your family has grown roots, and you truly want to play in Boston another year, how much more money could you possibly need? In the real world (aka, the non-professional sports world), lots of us take paycuts or compromises because we get other intangible benefits from the place we work. Be it a more flexible attitude, or really good people, or great opportunity, there are always reasons why a home town discount is appropriate. And most of us aren't talking about the difference between an eight-figure salary and a seven-figure salary.

I love you man, I've loved you since you showed up in an Orioles uniform in 1988 (and I always thought they gave up on you too soon). I know what it feels like to be 41, and have your body challenge you more than even before. But c'mon, how much is enough? Boston is your home now. Stay. Continue to be a leader in the clubhouse. Continue to be a force for good around town. Continue to be a mentor for all those young arms on the team. I can't think of any better place to spend your last year as an active pitcher than Boston. Please, please, let go of "the number," pay attention to the intangibles, and STAY.

A Picture Worth $150 Million Words

One small comment on the non-World-Series-related-thoroughly-selfish hullabaloo from Sunday night and Monday: We Don't Need No Steenkin'A-Rod!

October 30, 2007

DUKWs on Parade

All photos clipped from

Rooooolllllling Ralllyyyyyyyy!

In a uniquely Boston-centric twist on an old fashioned victory parade, today the World Champion Boston Red Sox will roll through town from Fenway to City Hall Plaza on our quirky WW2-era Duck (DUKW) boats. I went to the parade in 2004 and it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. The energy of the crowd was fabulous, and even though we spent hours waiting for 60 second views of the players and the TROPHY:

I don't remember being bored, or tired, or even the rain (it rained?). I really sad that can't make it this year because of professional obligations (namely, a brief due in a couple of days), but I'm going to work from home for the day so I can at least watch on tv. I might see a lot more details, but it won't be the same. I can't believe I'm going to miss seeing Papelbon's jig, live and in living color.

Pictures clipped from various sources to come later.

October 29, 2007

Exclamation Point!


My favorite comment last night came during the post-trophy ceremony, when Tom Werner said: "2004 was for our parents and grandparents and everyone that suffered through eight decades. This is for us and our children and everybody in Red Sox Nation, that we can do it again."

October 28, 2007

Ten Elevenths Complete

The October mission, win eleven of the next games. Period. Eleven wins, against three teams, in four different ballparks. Every year one team manages that feat and can call themselves Champions of the World. The Sox did it in 2004, against incredible odds, and under intense pressure. This year, the pressures are different (thank you, Idiots of '04), and scenarios are different, and the result. Well, we'll know soon enough. Get out the brooms!

What is there to say about the Trio of Rooks who have risen to the occasion during this series, and never more than last night. In the wake of all of the angst over which bat should sit, and how the field should be reconfigured, the Trio made it academic. All three of them did it with their bats, and Dice-K with his arm as well, finding the strike zone with more confidence than ever in the post-season. I love these guys, and I don't know which one I love the most (listen for sounds of bandwagon getting totally overloaded).

Pedroia bunts his way on. Perfectly.

I love watching pitchers hit!

Jacoby's double in the 8th. World Series history, baby!

And a word about Lugo. Or maybe just a picture. *This* is why he stays in the lineup:

Tonight's story, with Lester going for the sweep could be just as compelling.

October 27, 2007

The Nation Waits: Game Three Pre-Game.

Pre-game 1 (Local Fox 25):

- The Nation is apparently the Reebok Nation. Who knew. A formerly local company, around 7:30PM, but I still never liked their shoes.

- Dewey in the studio, not on the field. He's got a great, comforting voice.

- There was a "who plays first base" controversy? Who knew? Tito made the correct, albeit difficult, decision. As much as I love Youk, there is no way you can sit David Ortiz in a World Series game. I just hope Papi's knee can handle it. That's the *only* reason I'd sit him. I want his bat later in the game and Series, if we need it.

- Cool in Colorado tonight, 50 at game time, 40 by game end. I hope the Sox fans in the ballpark brought lots of warm, red, woolies.

- Altitude? Another "I had no idea" moment. ;-) Thrown balls won't break as much and hit balls will travel 10% further. The Sox haven't played here since 2004, and I don't recall that series (I don't care for interleague play, so I try to ignore it), so it will be interesting to see what difference this all might have on the Sox.

- I was out running errands all afternoon today in my Schill jersey and Sox hat. I loved that there were Red Sox logos all over Whole Foods, Borders, the library, the gas station, and every where in between. And it wasn't just people wearing the gear, but actively cheering each other and the Sox. Such fun!

- Since I'm hanging on the laptop, I dutifully emailed a "shout-out" to FOX. I don't see mine yet, but I've seen some others atleast three times so far. I guess I didn't make the cut.

- A guy that looks like Youk is interviewed saying "play Youk." Funny.

- New lineup for the Rockies. Apparently the lineup that got their streak started.

- The Sox tinkered with their lineup as well. Tacoby Bellsbury leads off.

- One more add with Elliott from Jordan's. Like many of us in the Nation, I wish I had bought a new couch last spring. Kudos to Elliott and everyone who put their money where their loyalty lies.

Pre-game deux (National Fox):

- What's the opening montage tonight?

- Those mountains sure look lovely, but I don't think the Sox will get distracted by the view.

- The Seven Chapters of the World Series. Haven't we seen this stuff already? Is there anyone left in America who thinks this one is going to go seven?

- OMG, more WHITE TOWELS. Who are the marketers who come up with these ridiculous ideas? Don't you think the Coloradians might have have learned something from the Clevelanders. I'm stunned.

- Joe Girardi instead of Byrnes and Mark Grace instead of, um, who was that other guy? Oooh, Jeannie took a shot at Byrnes, the new group is "wardrobe enhanced."

- More talk about Ortiz/Lowell/Youk.

- More about the baseball humidor.

- I still can't believe the Rockies fans are waving white towels.

- The oxygen/altitude factor. Less break. Check. Balls travel further. Check. Fatigue factor? I hope not.

- That outfield really does look huge. All the more room for Manny and Papi to find spots to place the ball!

- Josh Fogg = "the Dragon Slayer." During the regular season he was 10-9 with an ERA close to 5, I'm not sure that gets it done against an AL lineup with as much punch as the Crimson Hose.

- Girardi picks the Sox to beat all over him (Fogg) tonight. Interesting, for Mr. Yankee. Kennedy picks the Rocks.

- Here comes Joe and Tim. I wonder if the Rockies will look more comfortable during the introductions tonight. They sure looked unhappy and tight during Game 1 in Fenway. Hey, there's a good amount of cheering during the Sox introductions. Kewl!

- There go those white towels again. The cheers are nice and loud, but isn't their mascot just hideous? Not to mention their uniforms - the purple and black vests are sooooo 1990s.

- Carrie Underwood sings the Anthem. Nice tie-in to another FOX property. No fly-over, but a lot of fireworks.

- "Baseball you can't ignore." Another commerical tie-in. This is getting tedious.

- OK, I can't focus on the game and the laptop at the same time (I don't think). I'm going to give up on FOX and see if the radio call will by synched properly with the broadcast.

- Wow, the Rockies had twice as many strikeouts as base hits in Boston. What a testament to the Sox pitching.

- Time to turn off the technology. See you on the other side, and GO SOX!!

Rooting for the Sox

I'm not going to take the time now to explain how a girl from Baltimore fell in love with a team from Boston. I did. It happened. I can love them both, ok.

For the moment, while I keep an ear on the goings-on in and around The City That Reads I'm rooting for the Sox to win their second World Series in an incredible three years. And I'm not the only one: Why You Should Root for the Sox. The linked article is pretty amusing, and in humor, there is veritas. My fave line refers to Mike Lowell looking like a mmatinee idol from the silent film era. Hmmmmmm, oh yeah!

Speaking of Lowell, Beth, Cursed to First picked up a terrific tidbit about him yesterday. Now, if Theo could just come to the same conclusion about Curt . . .

PS - And another great article, by Boston's own Charlie Pierce (of the Globe and Wait Wait Don't Tell Me fame): Manny Rules!

October 26, 2007

Thank you, Curt (once again).

hello october
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Please come back next year!

And there is no doubt that Oki and Papelbon, aka, Papajima were awesome. But they don't get the chance to be awesome without Curt's gritty awesomeness.